Best Places to See Lavender Fields in France with Free Map (2021)

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Living in the French Alps, one of the things to do during the Spring but mostly Summer season is to find the best places to see lavender fields in France.

The South of France is known all around the world for its beauty and seeing what seems to be an endless horizon of these gorgeous purple lavender fields. They are truly a symbolic representation of France during the warmer seasons.

You’ve probably seen these lavender fields all over your Instagram or Facebook, and wondered where these photographs were taken. In this guide, we’ll be listing down the best places to see lavender fields in France for your Spring and Summer adventures. 

We also provide you with a Free Lavender Fields in France Map to help you find these places.


Valensole - Most Famous Lavender Fields in France

Valensole is the most famous of all the places to see lavender fields in France. These purple flowers are everywhere in Plateau de Valensole and you really can’t go wrong visiting the area.

Not only does the Plateau and its historic villages offer endless fields of lavenders, but also sunflowers and a backdrop of the mountains of Alpes-de-Haute.

Where to See Lavender Fields in Valensole

Drive through D6 (Route de Manosque) where the road is literally teeming with fields of these beautiful purple flowers.

Most Popular Field to Check Out:
Lavandes Angelvin is the most popular fields to check out. You will be gifted with what seems to be a neverending field of lavenders with only a few trees in the area that obstruct the view – a truly unreal sight.

Luberon - Most Unique Lavender Fields in France

Luberon is another popular place to see lavender fields in France but also one of the more whimsical and unique experiences.

The Luberon National Park itself is a gorgeous destination full of rolling hills with coarse toned villages and lush green forests within the mountain backdrops.

Taking a stroll through the hilltop villages provides you with a truly unique experience to see the lavender fields from above and from afar with the dramatic scenes of the mountains as your background.

Where to See Lavender Fields in Luberon

A walk through Lagard-d’Apt is the best place to see these lavender fields as the village is literally surrounded by them.

Most Popular Field to Check Out:
Le Château du Bois has some stunning fields that surround it but the estate can only be accessed by tour. It’s a unique experience to see the lavenders and get to know more of their history in Luberon and in Provence as a whole.

Sault - Most Celebrated Lavender Fields in France

Sault, which is just off the city of Avignon, is one of the most celebrated lavender fields in France – also because this is where the yearly Lavender Festival is held every August.

Sault is even called the Lavender Capital of France. The flowers here feel very much preserved and pride upon. It’s also a great experience to walk around the village of Sault with its historic buildings full of character that provides a view of the lavender fields from above.

Where to See Lavender Fields in Sault

Drive through D164 (Route du Mont Ventoux). Here, you won’t miss a sight of these purple fields.

Most Popular Field to Check Out:
A hike through Le Chemin des Lavandes promises an experience unlike any other. The trail is about 5 kilometres and full of lavender fields in sight.

Ardeche - Most Adventurous Lavender Fields in France

Ardeche is one of our favorite places in all of France. Antoine would often visit there as a child and for myself, it was the first destination I ever got to see in the country (even before Paris!). 

So this place really holds a special spot in our hearts, especially because we live just an hour or two away. It’s known for many things such as scenic hiking trails, dramatic gorges, river rafting and yes, lavender fields as well.

Actually when most people think Ardeche, they wouldn’t normally think to visit it for lavender fields – but it exists! As it’s not so famous, you’ll be promised an experience that is truly localized and adventurous. 

Where to See Lavender Fields in Ardeche

The best places to check out are by driving through D490 (Route des Gorges) and check out the villages of Vieviers and Saint Remeze.

Most Popular Field to Check Out:
Maison de la Lavande is a great place to check out. There are fields surrounding the museum which make it a truly fun experience to visit and discover more about the history of lavenders.

Drôme - Most Offbeat Lavender Fields in France

Just beside Ardeche is Drôme – another great department for offbeat adventures that is way less touristy than Provence to see the lavender fields in France.

The Department of Drôme has some amazing landscapes to discover by hiking or going on a bike tour – and the best news is you can do all  this during the Spring and Summer but instead, through fields of lavenders.

It’s one of our favorite regions in France because it’s honestly so underrated. It’s one of the reasons why we chose to live in Rhone-Alpes because of the stunning, unknown locations that you can find within the vicinity such as the Department of Drôme.

Aside from lavender fields in Drome, you can also visit Vercors which is our favorite Alpine mountains, just beside the Isere Department as well, where we reside.

Where to See Lavender Fields in Drome

We recommend you checking out the hilltop villages of Grignan and La Garde Adhemar. They are the best kept secret to lavender fields in France and hold the most dramatic views of Drome’s mountains beyond.

Most Popular Field to Check Out:
Montbrun-les-Bains is our recommended village because of the views of Mont Ventoux (in Provence) that you get to witness from afar beyond the lavender fields.

If you’re coming from Provence, then this village is also just at the edge of the Drome Provencale so it’s worth the longer drive for a more offbeat experience.

Grasse - Most Sauvage Lavender Fields in France

Grasse is known for its perfumes and plethora of flowers but also a short drive away are some wilder or “sauvage” lavender fields. 

The lavender fields are not exactly in the village of Grasse itself but a drive north from the villageIt’s good to include Grasse in your itinerary anyway as the village is so beautiful and worth looking into for all its historical touches. 

Where to See Lavender Fields in Grasse

The best place to go is to visit Plateau de Calern (GR 51), a rocky terrain that promises you some more offbeat trails to see the lavenders fields amongst other wildflowers. The perfect place for hikers!

Conclusion: Lavender Fields in France Map

So there we have it! If you’re searching for the best places to see lavender fields in France, then this Lavender Fields in France Map (which you can use on your google maps app) has got you covered.

The South of France is really a must visit and iconic region in France, especially during the seasons of Spring and Summer. If you’re thinking of going to France during these seasons, we definitely recommend you adding these lavender fields into your itinerary.

If you know of any other places to see lavender fields in France that were not covered in this guide, let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Oh my goodness! So glad I found this post- I did not realize lavender fields were a “thing”- now it’s a must-see in my book! Beautiful and stunning all around. I have it on the bucket list <3 thank you for sharing!

  2. Valensole has been on my bucket list for ages! I’m hoping to make it to the lavender fields after travel opens up again (hopefully soon)!

  3. It’s all very well to tell us where to find the lavender fields, but the interactive map makes finding them so much easier – cuts out the need to search each one individually. Very user friendly. Beautiful photos.

  4. Great post! Your pictures are beautiful. Those lavender fields are so pretty. Never have made it to the south of France, but definitely adding it to somewhere I’d like to visit.

  5. We were lucky enough to spend time in Luberon when the fields were full and fragrant (more chance than good planning), but I never realized there were so many places to see lavender. It is so gorgeous and smells so good!

    1. That’s amazing to hear, Rachael! Luberon is such a lovely region in the south of France! We sometimes use lavender in our closets to freshen up our clothes 🙂

  6. What a treat! Hope I can check off a few of them on this list from the next trip to France – once we are out of the pandemic. For now, just have to enjoy the pictures and the imaginations, thank you =)

  7. These fields all look heavenly! Haven’t been to that part of France in so. many. years. Would love to include at least a couple of these in a future trip. The map is brilliant! Pinned for later planning.

  8. Oh, I love these fields so much. What a picture doesn’t tell us is how nice they smell in person! A visit here is such a bucket list worthy experience, and as you mentioned it’s also possible to see sunflower fields in this region. I didn’t get so lucky on my trip (I think I went too early) so hopefully next time I’ll see them, and tick a few of these lavender field locations off my list as well.

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