The dream of van life started in 2016.
It was born out of a passion for camping and the idea of a van as a practical vehicle for leisure, with the (weird) hope of avoiding rent and commute altogether. Two years later, after developing a common taste for outdoor adventures including secluded beach camping, backcountry hiking trips in the Alps and a winter road-trip through Iceland, we decided it was time for us to take the step. The silverlining of the pandemic is what gave us the boost we needed to fulfill our dream. Hence, we purchased a van and started converting it in the summer of 2020. Below you can find resources related to our van build, van gear and van camping recipes.

Budget Campervan

Van Build

With a few good tools, recycled palettes, old furniture, and a major knack for upcycling, you can create a rustic yet functional and sustainable van build. We’ll show you how we did it for less than 250 euros!

Van Gear

Van life isn’t complete without all the essential gear needed to live on the road. Here we go through some of our favourite ones that we just can’t live without.

Budget Campervan Van Life - Offbeat Escapades 5
Offbeat Escapades - Bali Budget Travel Guide

Camping Recipes

A collection of tried and tested van camping recipes. We transform usually complicated recipes into easy-to-make homecooked meals. Our recipes vary from vegan to European and Asian cuisine, all cooked on a gas stovetop – perfect for campers or van lifers.

Where to start your van life journey?

Our Travel Story

We are Marielle and Antoine, originally from the Philippines and Belgium, but based in Brittany (previously the French Alps). We have a passion for seeing the world in a different light where we prefer to do things by ourselves and find magic even in the most famous places.