Lugard Road: The Best Free View at Victoria Peak

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When you think about Hong Kong, you immediately think an unbeatable skyline, showcasing a cyberpunk and futuristic feel unlike any other city in the world. With a plethora of tall buildings, all clustered up together, and mountain backdrops that add to it’s awe-inspiring view, it’s no wonder why people from around the world come together to witness the city’s out-of-this-world views. But what we’ve learned from years of travels is that, oftentimes, the best views require a little off-the-beaten detour for those who wish to venture the road less travelled.

If you’re searching for the best free view at Victoria Peak, then look no further than Lugard Road. It offers the most scenic viewpoints of Hong Kong, at the same vantage point as the Peak, but the big difference is it’s FREE. Furthermore, if you’re an avid hiker, it’s even connected to an easy hiking trail.


What is Lugard Road

Lugard Road: The Best Free View at Victoria Peak

Lugard Road is located at Victoria Peak, in a path off the touristic area of the Peak Tower and the Peak Galleria. This road is not for cars, but mainly for people to hike or do physical activity in. It’s also a more off-the-beaten trail for the best free view at Victoria Peak of Hong Kong’s stunning skyline.

It skirts the side of the mountain overlooking the city of Hong Kong for 2.4 kilometres and links Victoria Peak (including the Peak Tower and the Peak Galleria) to the east with the Hatton and Harlech Road junction to the west. The road was built in the early 1900’s and is named after the former governor of Hong Kong – Sir Frederick Lugard.

The best free view at Victoria Peak can be found specifically at the Lugard Road Lookout, which is a 13 minute walk (1 km) from the start of the road, next to the Peak Tower Station.

Below you can find a google map itinerary of the trail to reach Lugard Road.

How to Get to Lugard Road

Getting to Lugard Road by the Peak Tram

This is the fastest and most convenient way to get to Lugard Road. The Peak Tram runs from 7am to 12 midnight, and it takes about seven minutes to get to the top. It’s the quickest way to get to Lugard Road through the Peak Galleria area and offers amazing views on the ride up. Once there, just exit the mall and head towards Lugard Road for the best free view at Victoria Peak.

Nearest MTR to The Peak Tram Lower Terminus: Central
Roundtrip Cost: 52 HKD for Adults / 23 HKD for Children
Further price information here.

Our tip: As the Peak Tram is the most popular way to the Peak, expect to wait a long time before you can get on board. As a recommendation, we advice you to buy your tickets in advance here via Klook. They also offer special prices for pre-bought tickets with viewing fees as opposed to buying it on the spot.

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Getting to Lugard Road by Bus

This is the cheapest but slower way to get up to Lugard Road. You can take Bus No. 15 up to the Peak from the Exchange Square Central Bus Terminus. It will take about an hour and the roads up the mountain can be dizzying. Once there, it’s pretty easy to find Lugard Road with your google maps and there are signs everywhere pointing to its direction. You can also find the google maps itinerary we have illustrated above to ensure you don’t get lost. As a note, the start of Lugard Road should be right beside the Peak Tower Station.

Nearest MTR to Exchange Square Central Bus Terminus: Central
Cost Per Way: 9.8 HKD for Adults / 4.9 HKD for Children

Our tip: Buy an Octopus Card in advance and use it to pay for your fare in the bus. Otherwise, you’ll have to prepare the exact amount as change is NOT given in public transportation.

When to Go to Lugard Road

Sunset or Sunrise at Lugard Road

If you can make it for sunrise at Lugard Road, then we would say that sunrise is the best time to go. At sunrise, there are barely any people around the areas of Victoria Peak and Lugard Road. This is especially a great experience if you’re an avid photographer as the sun rises on the side of the lookout. Meaning, you’ll be able to get the silhouettes and rays peeking through the skyscrapers and mountains of Hong Kong in your shots, while reflecting over the harbor. Truly, a moment worthy of being the best free view at Victoria Peak.

Otherwise, we suggest going at sunset, which also gives you the opportunity to take some unbelievable night photography shots of the Hong Kong skyline. Do note that the area of Victoria Peak tends to get very crowded during this time. It may a take a longer time catching the bus or the Peak Tram as everyone wants to go during this time. We strongly recommend to pre-book everything before and to go a few hours before sunset so that you don’t miss this stunning and best free view at Victoria Peak.

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Where to Stay near Victoria Peak

If you want to be along the route to Victoria Peak already for planned photography sessions, then we recommend staying near the area for a night, preferably in Central or Lan Kwai Fong. Below are some of our hotel suggestions in this area.

The Bishop Lei International House offers great value for couples travelling. The hotel itself is near the area leading up to Victoria Peak. Furthermore, it offers spectacular views of the city’s skyline at a great price. It is also around 10 minutes’ walk from Soho and Lan Kwai Fong, the best spot in Hong Kong for nightlife.

Nightly Rate: Starts from 60 EUR

Two MacDonnell Road is a beautiful hotel, within 500 meters from Lan Kwai Fong and walking distance form the Peak Tram. The hotel itself even offers free shuttles.  It’s not as cheap as the first option, but it’s a great choice if you’re looking for something a little more luxurious.

Nightly Rate: Starts from 110 EUR


Why Choose Lugard Road over the Peak Tower

Lugard road is FREE

The number one reason to choose Lugard Road: it’s the best FREE view at Victoria Peak. Getting in the Peak Tower is expensive and costs around 52 HKD per adult. Why not take the road less travelled by discovering Lugard Road Lookout, which is free and allows you to discover Hong Kong’s forest foliage, while witnessing unbeatable cityscape views.

Lugard Road is less crowded

The Peak Tower is super touristic so if you want to have a more offbeat experience, then Lugard Road is the best option to choose. It’s mostly known by locals, photographers and people who cross it for their daily physical activities. You will find less people in this spot, which will provide you with a more enjoyable experience to witnessing this best free view at Victoria Peak.

Lugard road has more diverse views

Because Lugard Road goes through part of the forest, you’ll have the chance to see some really diverse views and capture more unique photographs as the city peeks through some of the road’s forest foliage. Furthermore, it’s a more diverse and unique view as compared to the Peak Tower, because you’re so much closer to all the skyscrapers and have a bulls eye view of the harbor in the lookout. It’s why we think it’s the best view of the Hong Kong skyline.

Conclusion: Lugard Road is the Best Free View at Victoria Peak

So there you have it! We hope this helps you take the more offbeat journey to the best free view at Victoria Peak. Lugard Road is a great place to spend a couple of hours in, from discovering the forest to seeing diverse Hong Kong views and taking some amazing skyline photographs. It’s an alternative to the Peak Tower that we highly recommend.

If you know of any other places that you would say is the best free view at the Victoria Peak, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!


17 thoughts on “Lugard Road: The Best Free View at Victoria Peak”

  1. Danik the Explorer

    I love Hong Kong, been there several times and never get bored of the place. I have done Lugard Road/Victoria Peak in the day and at night and the views never get old. They are totally amazing. I even eat at a restaurant up there, with a table next to the window with the famous view. Food was excellent also. A day I would never forget. Love your photos and brought back some amazing memories. 🙂

    1. Same! We love Hong Kong too, it’s such an incredible city and we’re glad our article gave you some good memories of it. We can’t wait to come back one day!

  2. I have heard of Peak Tower, but was not aware of Lugard Road. It seems to be a better choice than the other one, because I love the view it offers. Plus, it is free, Next time I am there, I am surely staying at a hotel in Lugard Road.

    1. The hotels are not specifically in Lugard Road as it’s a hiking trail or the Peak but rather, they are at the start of the trail or near the tram. In a great area of Central and Lan Kwai Fong just before the ascent up the mountain. And thanks a lot, hope you enjoy the views of Hong Kong at Lugard Road!

  3. One of my favourite things to do while travelling is finding the best views- and I’d say that this one at Victoria Peak is incredible! Plus, I love a good tram journey. I wouldn’t have thought to stay there but I like that shout out about the opportunity.

    1. Indeed, staying in a hotel near the Peak tram is way more convenient as you can easily wake up, avoid the crowd and take the tram to go up for some amazing sunrise photography sessions. We also love finding beautiful views in our travels, couldn’t have agreed with you more on that.

  4. This is such a great tip! I am always weary when visiting the most seen tourist destinations of a country because of the crazy costs that can be associated with seeing them, so Lugard road seems to be a perfect option. I audibly said “wow!” when I saw your photos of the skyline – beautiful!!

    1. Thanks a lot Chloe, we’re glad you liked this post and you’re right about being weary, we’re also extra conscious about mindfully travelling when it comes to tourist traps and costs.

  5. While I traveled to many places Hong Kong still remains in my bucket destination. The view from the Victoria peak is just fabulous. Love it and a tram journey is always so refreshing. Two reasons to be there in Hong Kong. Thanks for this virtual journey with you.

  6. Such an amazing view! I think you are absolutely right that this is the image people see when someone mentions Hong Kong. And why not, I for sure would like to see it and visit Victoria Peak. Thank you for the very detailed guide of how to get there. I will save this for the future.

    1. You’re welcome, we’re happy this guide helps you out!! And you truly must — Hong Kong is amazing and the views are unreal!

  7. I have no idea that you must pay to get to Victoria Tower besides the tram or the bus fees. Good thing I learn about Lugar Road from you. The views are just amazing. I’ve been to airport only, but next time I plan to choose the long layover so I can explore this.

    1. Yes, it doesn’t come free! And we agree the views are stunning. Next time, you must make it to the city – HK is incredible and one of our favorite places!

  8. Oh, I wish I had heard about Lugard Road before I went to The Peak. FREE is always my favorite price tag. And I didn’t realize that the view at night is so mesmerizing. I didn’t stay till dark unfortunately.

    1. There is always next time Ummi! At least the next time you visit, you can check out this place instead without having to spend for the entrance fee. 😉 Let us know if you have other questions when the time comes!

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