Lion’s Pavilion Hong Kong: Free Alternative to the Peak Tower

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Hong Kong is one of the most memorable skylines we’ve witnessed in the world. It showcases a futuristic and cyberpunk vibe that doesn’t quite compare to anything else, but this experience is often misunderstood as having to visit the pricey Peak Tower. Lion’s Pavilion Hong Kong is a great free alternative to the Peak Tower and possibly the best Victoria Peak free view.

If you don’t want to spend for a similar view you can witness at Lion’s Pavilion Hong Kong nor want to walk all the way to the Lugard Road lookout, then this guide has got you covered! We provide you with everything you need to know about visiting Lion’s Pavilion Hong Kong and a map of exactly where it’s located.

Lion's Pavilion Hong Kong

Where is Lion's Pavilion Hong Kong

Lion's Pavilion Hong Kong: The Best Free Alternative to the Peak Tower

Lion’s Pavilion Hong Kong is located at Victoria Peak, just right beside the mall that includes the entrance to the Peak Tower and the Peak Galleria.

It’s a great alternative to the Peak Tower and promises the best Victoria Peak free view.

Lion’s Pavilion Hong Kong offers the same aerial view of the Hong Kong Skyline and Victoria Harbour as the Peak Tower. Walking around the area of the Peak Galleria, Lion’s Pavilion Hong Kong can be quickly identified as a spot that contains a red moon gate and includes an inscription of the Taiping Mountain Lion Pavilion on it, symbolic of the spot’s name.

This Victoria Peak free view is a great alternative to the Peak Tower for budget travelers who do not want to pay to enter the Tower nor hike to the viewpoint at Lugard Road.

Below you can find a google map itinerary to Lion’s Pavilion Hong Kong, which is literally by the exit of the Peak Tram / the Peak Tower Station.

How to Get to Lion's Pavilion Hong Kong

Getting to Lion's Pavilion Hong Kong by the Peak Tram

The most convenient and quickest way to get to Lion’s Pavilion Hong Kong is by the Peak Tram.

The Peak Tram operates from 7am to midnight, and the ride takes roughly about seven minutes to get up to Victoria Peak.

It’s the fastest way to get to area of the Peak Galleria and Lion’s Pavilion Hong Kong.

Upon arriving, simply exit the tram and head towards Lion’s Pavilion Hong Kong (as presented in the google maps above) for the best Victoria Peak free view.

Closest MTR to The Peak Tram Terminus: Central

Roundtrip Fee: 23 HKD for Children / 52 HKD for Adults. More info here.

Our tip: Please note that the Peak Tram is the most frequented method to reach Victoria Peak. As such, you can expect long waiting times to take the tram.

We advice that you buy your tickets ahead of time here via Klook. Klook also provides various special prices when buying in advance compared to buying it on the spot.

Lion's Pavilion Hong Kong - Offbeat Escapades

Getting to Lion's Pavilion Hong Kong by Bus

This is the most affordable way to get to Lion’s Pavilion Hong Kong but also the slower way.

To take this method, get on Bus No. 15 from the Exchange Square Central Bus Terminus.

The ride up to the Peak will take about an hour or so. Do note that since you are going up the mountain, with various twist and turns, the experience can be quite dizzying.

Upon arriving, it’s easy to find Lion’s Pavilion Hong Kong as it is right beside the Peak Tower Station and above the Peak Gardens.

Closest MTR to Exchange Square Central Bus Terminus: Central

One-Way Cost: 4.9 HKD for Children / 9.8 HKD for Adults 

Our tip: In Hong Kong, it’s essential to have the exact amount when taking public transportation as change is NOT given.

Hence, we advice getting an Octopus Card beforehand for a more convenient way of paying for your bus fare. 

When to Go to Lion's Pavilion Hong Kong

As with any viewpoints in Victoria Peak, the best time to go would be for sunrise or sunset. Let’s look into the differences of these two times of the day below.

Sunrise at Lion's Pavilion Hong Kong

  • Sunrise is best if you want to avoid the crowds as there will barely be any people around, including the ride up in the Peak tram.
  • The sun rises on the side of Lion’s Pavilion Hong Kong, perfect for those silhouette shots.
  • The sun’s rays will be peeking through the mountains and the sea of skyscrapers.
  • On the opposite end, sunrise at Lion’s Pavilion Hong Kong means you have no opportunity to get night shots afterward.
  • You’ll also have to wake up earlier to get to the viewpoint on time.

Sunset at Lion's Pavilion Hong Kong

  • Golden and blue hour is truly stunning at Lion’s Pavilion Hong Kong.
  • You have the chance to take amazing night photography shots right after the sunset.
  • It gets really crowded during this time, not just on the tram up but also in the viewpoint itself.

Our tip: It will probably take a longer time to catch the Peak Tram or the bus. We highly recommend to pre-book and arrive a few hours before the sun sets so you don’t miss the chance of seeing the best Victoria Peak free view at Lion’s Pavilion Hong Kong.

Offbeat Escapades - Lugard Road - The best free view at Victoria Peak 2

Where to Stay near Lion's Pavilion Hong Kong

If you want to be near the Peak Tram or the Bus that goes to Victoria Peak and Lion’s Pavilion Hong Kong, then it would be good to stay in the area of Central or Lan Kwai Fong.

Below we’ve listed down two hotel suggestions in these neighbourhoods.

Two MacDonnell Road is a beautiful hotel, within 500 meters from Lan Kwai Fong and walking distance from the Peak Tram.

If you’re looking for something more luxurious, this hotel is best for you.

Price: Starts from 110 EUR

The Bishop Lei International House is great for couples as it is quite affordable.  It’s at the foot of the mountain of Victoria Peak. It even offers beautiful views of the city’s skyline at the hotel itself.

At 10 minutes’ walk from Soho and Lan Kwai Fong, it’s also one of the bustling spots for nightlife.

Price: Starts from 60 EUR


Why Choose Lion Pavilion Hong Kong over Peak Tower

  • It offers the best Victoria Peak free view and is a great alternative to the quite pricey Peak Tower (52 HKD).
  • For those who don’t want to hike all the way to Lugard Road for another Victoria Peak free view, Lion’s Pavilion Hong Kong is a great option as it’s right beside the exit of the Peak Tram and the Peak Galleria.
  • As it is literally by the Peak Tower, it provides the same vantage point to Hong Kong’s beautiful skyline.

Lions Pavilion Hong Kong is the Best Victoria Peak Free View

So there you have it! We think that Lion’s Pavilion Hong Kong provides the best Victoria Peak free view and a truly great alternative to the Peak Tower.

If we’ve learned anything from traveling, it’s that there are many opportunities to go off the beaten track and discover something for free rather than pay for crowded tours that are not as enjoyable.

What about you? Have you seen the views at Victoria Peak? What do you think of this free alternative to the Peak Tower or have you already visited Lion’s Pavilion Hong Kong? We’d love to hear your questions and travel stories in the comments below!


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  1. What amazing views! It’s always great to save money where you can when traveling so it’s perfect that there’s a free alternative to see these sights

  2. I’m always on the lookout for the free opportunities when I travel. This one seems like a no-brainer! I’ve heard about the magnificent views of Hong Kong so when I finally make it there I will definitely give this one a try.

  3. This is such a detailed guide to Lion’s Pavilion Hong Kong. If I am looking to visit the place this is the only post I need to read before my visit. Beautifully captured pictures of Hong kong skyline.

  4. Yes, Hong Kong skyline is stunning when viewed from the Peak Tower. It is naturally crowded. It is great to know that there is an alternative. Those are great tips about landing up early in Lion’s Pavilion for a peaceful view and silhouette photography. Pre-booking to catch the Peak tram is a useful tip especially if you are going in the evening for a sunset view.

  5. Catherine Mendoza

    Good to know! Been to Hongkong plenty of times and I really liked this country. But I even wonder to myself why I haven’t been here? LOL. Lion’s Pavilion looks exciting, isn’t it? Especially for anyone who loves to see a magnificent skyline view! The Octopus card is sure something not to miss, and by reading about it, girl, you make me miss Hongkong so much! Unfortunately, it’s not open yet this time to tourists! Lastly, just like any other famous spots, it’s best to go here on sunrise!

  6. Good time! We’re planning a stop in HK for summer next year. This information is really useful. I hope we can enjoy sunset from Lions Pavilion. The view is breathtaking!

  7. The view from Lion’s Pavilion of whole Hong Kong city is really stunning. I too agree sunrise is the best time to see any aerial view as at that time crowd is less and we can see freshness of sun with whole city too. Even the aerial view at night is also beautiful. Thanks for all tips.

  8. You’re right it does indeed look like an incredible skyline! I would love to see it at sunrise and then again at sunset and wait for the darkness to fall and see it all lit up at nighttime. Great tips you’ve shared.

  9. Subhashish Roy

    Such a authentic detailed guide to Lions pavilion Hong Kong. The view of the city from there is stunning. Hong Kong has been in our plans for some time. But with the virus & the reported unrest there do not really know when we can actually make it there. So it was nice to get a virtual tour.Sunrise & Sunset would be great attractions I guess.

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